Coil Near Plug Kit


420A (Neon/Eclipse/Avenger)


Note: To take full advantage of the Kit, a standalone (Like MS3X) should be used.

We offer a Coil Near Plug Kit. This kit Allows you to have individual Coils for each Plug! This is ideal if you are looking to go from batch fire to sequential fire. this is a great kit for those using MS3X.

Kit Includes: 

  • 4 coils

  • 4 modified OE sized Spark plug wires

  • Coil Harness and Pig tail

  • Brackets to mount coils to Valve cover

*There is an option to have the brackets Powder coated​

*There is an option to replace the wires with 8.5mm wires

Eclipse 2G Solid Roll Stop Bushings

*Does NOT include mounts

These bushings are FULL replacement bushings. None of that insert crap here. These are much stiffer than typical Polyurethane bushings. They have a hardness close to that of Aluminum. These will stop all the engine rock that  can cause wheel hop during a launch. Unlike traditional Solid mounts, these absorb vibration, rather than pass it along. So dont worry bout your teeth chattering out of you head!

Kit Includes: 

  • Front Roll stop bushing

  • Rear Roll stop bushing

  • Rear Sleeve support

SRT4 Gauge Pods

The Gauge pods are built into an OE bezel. The fit the standard 52mm Gauge. 

All Pods come in a satin black primer

These come in a 2 pod and 3 pod flavor. *Price may vary

A core is required. If you cannot supply a core, you will need to select the "add a core" option at checkout.

Note: A core is Required